Appnext User Platform

The appnext user platform is where the magic happens. Other than our actual mobile products, the platform is one of our most important products. The web platform allows app publishers or advertisers to log-in to the platform and see, change, and control all of their apps and campaigns. From user targeting and bidding, to viewing stats on clicks and impressions, to integrating a new SDK, the platform provides our clients with all of the interactive information that he or she needs. Additional features include a blog, knowledge center, and the appnext market.

My work included analyzing the user’s needs, designing interactive features for a smooth and intuitive user experience, defining the user platform’s look and feel, working with the product manager to integrate new elements and dialogs, optimizing the UI based on user feedback, preparing files for programming, and design quality control after programming.Our platform is an ongoing process!


Appnext Market Portal

The Appnext Market is an online portal where app publishers and advertisers can work with other companies in collaborative business deals. Our platform connects app publishers and advertisers, and therefore there is a tab for each type of client who can browse the profiles of hundreds of apps to see if they want to advertise or publish with them. This was designed in a card format referencing the app store and the display of apps for customers, also visually appealing to browse a variety of options at once. My work included analyzing the user experience, wire framing the interface, design, prototyping options, exporting design files with specs for programming, and optimizing the design after QA and testing. See it live

What will your ads look like?

Designed an interactive webpage “What will your ads look like?” that exhibits different types of mobile ad units for customers to see before they set up an add. Names of the different units are aligned to the left and open to a longer explanation when clicked while the right phone example displays the selected unit. The webpage is located within the wiki knowledge center section of the appnext site that provides customer support and helpful information. See it live!