Mobile Ad Offerings

Add offers allow publishers and marketers to promote other apps within their apps. App publishers can integrate our SDK within their app and choose a type of offer- from Video ads (promote apps with video, great for games), Native ads (allows custom formatting and maximum integration with app), and Mobile web ads (for web-based apps). All of the add offers integrate elements sourced from the app store including app icon, rating, downloads, summary, and video. My work was wire framing the user process and interaction, defining and designing an interface to fit with each specific type of ad offer, exporting design files with specs for programming, and optimizing the design after QA and testing.

OEM Offers

PRE-INSTALLED APPS : Collaborating with cellphone manufacturers, created pre-installed widget with appnext app offers. In short, our interstitials in a custom widget form. Work included wire framing, designing, specs for programming, and optimization.



INTERSTITIALS – full screen in-app interstitials with app offers (video and static)



Test your mobile web ads

Designed a mobile web interface to exhibit our mobile web ads. Our sales team use this live interactive preview of our most up-to-date widgets and interstitials with clients around the world. We can also use the interface to test new products and see how they will integrate with mobile web pages. Users can choose the ad type, see an example, and see it within a webpage article. See it live!